Why blog about Virtual Reality

Dutchie with virtual reality headset
Dutchie with VR headset

I’m a 3D designer and I make a living by selling content in virtual worlds.

Well, just one world really. My 3D home and garden store Dutchie is doing very well inside the virtual world Second Life.

I love Second Life, but my growing opportunities as both a creator and a business are reaching their limits. So I registered my brand and started working on bringing it outside of that walled garden.

Other virtual worlds

I looked around in other possible markets like IMVU and the Sims, but they didn’t interest me much. Other virtual worlds had nothing more to offer to a creator than Second Life.

Less even, both creatively and financially.

So I waited for something better. Because something better was on its way.

Oculus Rift

I first heard about the Oculus Rift in 2012 and was immediately fascinated by the thought of a user actually feeling a physical presence in a virtual environment.

I dreamed of creating social experiences, where I could walk around in my own 3D houses and sit on my own virtual furniture, meeting my friends from all over the world.

So when Oculus VR launched their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, I jumped in and got the prototype virtual reality headset for developers, to see if there was anything for me there.

Incredibly motion sick

I could do very little with that first headset except watch a butterfly going over my head.

I also got incredibly motion sick doing just that.

But it opened my mind.

Ever since I have been waiting and watching virtual reality develop, in hope of finding the right spot for Dutchie.

First virtual reality experience

It’s a few years later now, I have a much better headset and social VR seems to slowly start off. A few social virtual worlds like Sansar and High Fidelity have opened and are developing nicely.

I am even working on my first virtual reality experience as I write this post.

I have thought of something small to start with, but more than just a 3D showcase. Something that touches more senses then only vision and that actually makes you feel you are there, present, in my environment. I hope I pull it off.

I will open my virtual reality experience within a week and link it here, along with an explanation of what I made, why I made it and how.

Virtual reality explorations

That is what this website is for. DutchieinVirtualReality.com will be a report of my explorations and creations in Virtual Reality.

Writing about my experiences will hopefully help me stay focused until I find a place for my brand in VR. It may also be interesting to others like me, that are curious about Virtual Reality but don’t know where to start yet.

Therefore I blog.



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