Pulled my VR experience for a while

I pulled my VR experience from the Sansar Atlas for a while. A viewer update added ambient occlusion and it made my white walls look very different. And when I say different, I mean like crap.

These things can be expected at this stage of Sansar’s development and I just have to fix it.

I could fix it. I could re-upload the studio with different material settings and play with the lights inside Sansar for a day or 2, but I can’t allow myself the time.

Working in Second Life

I’m working on a project in Second Life that I want to finish first. Working on the biggest animated engine I ever made. That should pay the rent for a while.

It will give me some time to think over some of the great feedback I got on my VR yoga studio as well. Incorporate what people have said and written into a better experience. I asked for it and I got it, so I better use it.

And I want to twork on this blog a bit. Still finding my role, but I love weiting again. Even in english.  I don’t mind this project evolving slowly. Virtual Reality is not going fast either.

VR yoga studio still accessible

The VR yoga studio will still be accessible if you have the direct link, like this one here on this blog. The yoga routine is also good with your eyes closed 🙂

There has to be a balance between working in Second Life, where my tribe is and where the money is, and in virtual reality, where the new challenges are.


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