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Here Are Some Cool Google Tricks You Must Try!

Google is the go-to website for almost all of us. Not sure if the answer is right, you are just one click away from making sure your general knowledge is updated. Wishing to know the best possible restaurants near you, Google can definitely recommend some of the mouth-watering cuisine serving units in proximity. It has answers for almost all the questions one could probably have and some more. This is probably the reason why as per estimates, there are more than 99,000 search-related clicks on Google per second. That’s a lot if we could count the total number of seconds in one day.

What if we told you that Google has more to offer? Some of you might already know a few fun activities on the website but we want to extend our help. Here are some cool Google tricks you must try! Because the internet can get boring sometimes and ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

1- Dinosaurs are back!

dinosaurs Google Tricks

No, not literally. If there were, we wouldn’t be here. Google has got you covered during some of the toughest times tech people can go through. Yes, the dreadful times when there is no internet connection. If you are working on Google Chrome, and you lose the connection, give the browser some time and you will be able to play one of the most fun games of all time. A cute dinosaur trying to pass hurdles including birds and trees. All you need to play the game are the up and down arrow buttons on your laptop. It may look easy but believe us when we say, after collecting 100 points, you may actually start feeling dizzy

2- Doctor Stranges’ trick to beat Dormammu

If you are a Marvel fan, you probably remember the last trick Doctor Strange used to defeat the stubborn Dormammu, yes the endless loop until the dark entity finally agreed to leave Earth alone. Google, in a way, has the same endless loop running on its web page. It is specific to the search for the word ‘recursion’.

To understand more about the trick first let’s discuss what recursion means. As per the dictionary, recursion stands for a repetitive action or procedure. So when you look for the word on the search bar, Google will automatically suggest ‘Did you mean recursion’ and when you click on the suggestion it will keep suggesting ‘Did you mean recursion?’.

Basically, Google is only trying to have fun with you.

3- The only thing it can’t read are your emotions

There are so many times we remember some parts of the lyrics of our favorite song or maybe just the music and not the actual song name. Now we have so many applications to help us with this problem. Similarly, Google can read images. If you only have a picture and need more information related to it, open your webcam and upload the picture in question. Google will automatically suggest everything that it can find in its database connected to the image. Cool, right?

What makes it an even more promising trick is that it is used for a social cause as well, especially for child protection against pornography.

4- Not restricted by language

Not restricted by language

We are aware that Google can speak multiple languages. But hold on! It can in fact speak imaginary or made lingo as well. When you go to the Google homepage and select My Account, to understand what we want to convey, go to the Data and Personalization option. You will get the option to change the language. You will see options like Bork, Bork, Bork!, Pirate, and even Klingon (Go Star War fans).

5- No, Google isn’t drunk

To check if your Google webpage is acting drunk or not, try typing ‘askew’ in the search option. The moment you do this, your screen will tilt a bit in the right direction giving the illusion that Google is acting drunk, but we all know, it’s not!

6- Heads or Tales?

coin flip technique

We have all been in situations where we have won a bet using the coin flip technique. It has been a savior for some of us. Cannot come to a conclusion on which movie to watch, flip a coin. Can’t decide who gets the last bite of the pizza, coin flip comes to the rescue. Google is already aware of how important coin flip is for human society. This is exactly why it also has a program to help you flip coins as many times as you want. All you have to do is type ‘flip a coin’ and it will show you the results.

Mind you, Google can do it as many times as you want.

7- It can spin your world around

The feeling of watching the world around us swirl is something that cannot be described in words. Of course, this one is not applicable to the readers suffering from motion sickness, but for the rest, isn’t it a feeling we want to experience at least on some days? Well, Google can make it happen for you.

Just type in the words ‘Google Orbit’ and click on the option the webpage suggests ‘Google Sphere – Mr. Doob’. Before you click on the button, make sure to be seated and that your seat belts are fastened (Just kidding!). What you can expect is the site in front of you swirling.

8- It understands the feeling of being lonely

We can bet Google is the last thing to be lonely. At all times it is surrounded by billions of pages with millions of people accessing the webpage. But if you type in the question ‘the loneliest number’ it will show the number 1 as the answer (Poor 1, right?). We do not know what makes Google think so but that’s the answer.


We hope that with this, we have helped you find some cool Google tricks you must try! There are plenty more but the ones listed above should be on your priority list if you are trying to explore other offerings by Google. On special occasions and to celebrate special events or people, the people at Google launch new tricks, which are even more fun to access. Definitely look out for those.


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