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How eSignature WordPress Plugin Helps Five Major Areas of Business

WordPress is an important tool for businesses across the world, but it can feel quite complicated to use! Everyone from journalists to marketers to sales teams needs some knowledge of WordPress forms. This gets even more complicated when you need to get signatures or have these forms filled out!

Fortunately, one of the top e-signature platforms comes with its very own user-friendly WordPress plugin. eSign Genie makes WordPress easy and brings convenience to administrative staff and freelancers across many sectors. Here are the top five and how eSign Genie’s WordPress integration benefits them.

Sector 1: Finance and Banking

The WP plugin allows users to drag and drop relevant fields when creating their files. This means that payment records and forms have a uniform structure. You no longer have to spend hours learning WordPress!

Since eSign Genie is UETA and ESIGN compliant, any signatures digitally imprinted of these forms are as legally binding as on their paper-and-ink equivalents.

Everything is also secure and has an audit trail so you can always track the who, what, when, where, and why of money movement.

Sector 2: Healthcare and Medicine

Medical administration is a field all on its own; however, e-signature platforms are already taking a lot of the heavy lifting from the shoulders of over-burdened staff. With the WordPress plugin, this becomes easier than ever. You can now electronically sign patient onboarding forms, prescriptions, and doctors’ letters. This makes the whole process simpler for everyone involved.

HIPAA compliance also means that the data is in good hands. All healthcare providers can rest assured their patient info is safe!

Sector 3: Real Estate

What’s more important to a successful real estate agent than to be able to work on the move? Contracts, forms, and other necessary documentation stored in the cloud have already revolutionized the face of the real estate industry. Now, with the WP plugin, eSign Genie offers a step further.

It comes with its own project manager. This means that agents can keep track of their heavy caseloads and have a moving, easy reference for the continually changing face of their property list.

Sector 4: Freelancers/Gig workers/Business

All of these have one major thing in common: the absolute requirement to communicate with their clients. The eSign Genie WP plugin works with Mail Chimp. It helps boost and maintain an online presence for businesses big and small alike. In the modern world, the ability to stay in touch and build a digital reputation is an absolute must.

It also aids with marketing, offering different features in the free and premium versions that help out. It can also integrate with most blogs, websites, and comment forms to offer a totally inclusive experience for your clients.

Sector 5: Retail

Did you know that most shoppers now research all products online for at least an hour before purchasing them? The good news is that another feature of the WP Plugin, WP Review, has an answer for this. You don’t need design or technical skills. This feature helps you design and enable visibly appealing reviews to spread your product in the blink of an eye.

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