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Learn How To Save 25% On Your Phone Bill

Phones today have become an extension of our hands. You can do anything and everything on a smartphone. All you need is an active network connection for talk time and data. You can either go for a prepaid connection and recharge your phone regularly, or you can opt for a postpaid connection and pay your phone bill at the end of every billing cycle.

Many users hesitate in choosing a postpaid connection. People often complain about the hidden fees and the bill shock factor with postpaid connections. A postpaid user gets the phone bill at the end of the billing cycle, usually 30 days long. Therefore, the user pays for the services after using them. Sometimes, this can lead to a little ambiguity around data and talk time usage. Hence, the bill shock!

Phone Bill

What if you can not only avoid a bill shock but also save 25% on your postpaid phone bill!? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Let’s see how!

Save 25% on your postpaid phone bill with Airtel postpaid

Airtel Postpaid offers users a saving of 25% monthly with their family postpaid plans. Once you opt for a family postpaid plan, your family gets a single bill and is covered by a single plan. This helps in reducing the charges and saving up to 25% on your phone bill.

Currently, Airtel offers three different family postpaid plans. Each plan allows users to add more users at a nominal fee. Let’s look at these plans in detail. You can use this list to decide which Airtel postpaid plan is best for your family.

Rs. 999 postpaid plan

The 999 postpaid plan is perfect for a family of 4. Here, users get one primary connection and 3 free family add-on connections. Additionally, the plan allows over 100 GB of data every month in total for all users. Remember, only if you exceed the data usage, you will be charged extra. In case, you don’t use the data in its entirety, the rollover feature will help you carry the unused data to the next month.

When we talk about talk time, it is unlimited for all four users! The plan also offers 100 SMS per day.

OTT Benefits: Amazon Prime for 6 months, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for 1 year

Extra: Handset Protection

Phone BillRs. 1199 postpaid plan

An upgrade to the 999 plan, the 1199 family postpaid plan is primarily for a family of 4 with greater data needs. Users get a total of 150 GB of data in a month with this plan.

Other than that, you will have unlimited talk time and 100 SMS per day. You can carry forward up to 200 GB of data every month.

OTT Benefits: Netflix Basic monthly, Amazon Prime Video for 6 months, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for 1 year

Extra: Handset Protection

Rs. 1499 postpaid plan

The ultimate family postpaid plan, the 1499 plan is designed for a family of 5. There is one primary user and 4 free family add-on connections. You can enjoy 200 GB of data every month along with a data rollover of 200 GB maximum.

The talk time is unlimited, and every user gets 100 SMS per day.

OTT Benefits: Netflix Standard monthly, Amazon Prime Video for 6 months, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for 1 year

Extra: Handset Protection

If you have more members in your family than the plan allows, you can always add more connections by paying Rs. 299/member. Every additional member will be allotted 30 GB of data per month. The talk time will be unlimited for additional users too.

A family postpaid plan calculates the charges under one bill. Therefore, users can save up to 25% on their phone bills.

It is also recommended to keep their data usage in check to avoid end-of-the-month bill shock. You can use various tools and in-built phone features to keep a track of your data usage. Additionally, talk to your postpaid operator to know more about any extra charges which might be levied on you. You can ask the following questions:

  • Are there any hidden charges that I should be aware of?
  • What is the grace period for bill payment?
  • Will I be charged late fees during the grace period? If yes, how much?

These questions will help you get more clarity about your bill and postpaid connection.

If you wish to port to Airtel, you can check how to port sim on their official website.


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