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Top eSports Partnership Stories Of 2022

In 2022, big global businesses entered the eSports industry, a development that sparked multiple discussions and raised global awareness. These partnerships and deals have not only helped shape the business but also exposed it to a far larger audience.

Continue reading to find out about the top seven eSports collaborations of 2022.

Mastercard And Riot Games Have Expanded Their Worldwide League Of Legends Collaboration

The partnership between Riot Games and Mastercard in the professional League of Legends arena will continue, as the companies stated in 2022.

The All-Star Game, Midseason Invitational, and World Championship were all tournaments that Mastercard officially sponsored in 2022. The parties will continue to collaborate by participating together in a number of shared projects.

Top eSports Partnership Stories Of 2022

Mastercard was advertised and branded within the game itself, as well as on items made in collaboration with the game’s publisher, Riot Games.

A $3.1 Billion Agreement Was Signed Between La Liga And Dubai’s Galaxy Racer

In 2022, Galaxy Racer, an eSports and gaming company located in Dubai, and Spain’s La Liga agreed on a 15-year deal, as reported by arabwinners.com.

Fans of eSports in the Arab world and beyond consider Arabwinners to be one of the most reliable and popular betting platforms, and in their post, they stated that the goal of the cooperation was to help the Spanish top-flight football league get a larger share of the growing MENA eSports market.

Together, Real Madrid and Barcelona are bringing their home teams closer to their Arab supporters, opening up a potentially profitable market for both clubs.

Disney And Faze Clan Unveiled A Year-Long Gear Partnership

It was reported that in 2022, FaZe Clan, a North American videogame and culture business, would partner up with Disney for the next calendar year.

The partnership between FaZe and Disney saw the release of “Mickey On The Grid,” an interpretation of the beloved cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

The very first “capsule” collection from FaZe and Disney debuted on May 28 at the pop-up store and on May 30 at the internet shop. FaZe included a variety of hats, hoodies, and tees in their assortment.

Kitkat Teamed Up With League Of Legends

KitKat, a well-known chocolate candy company, has partnered with the 2022 League of Legends European Championship.

KitKat’s first foray into competitive gaming and eSports, the “Give eSports a Break” project, was a multi-media effort designed to break into the industry by emphasizing genuine and timely cooperation.

Digital activations, in-game advertisements, and traditional television spots were all part of the campaign’s effort to forge a real and amusing connection with gamers and fans all around the globe.

Nissan Has Renewed Its Sponsorship Of Collegiate Rocket League For Another Season

A lot happened in the collegiate scene in 2022, including an agreement between Collegiate Rocket League and Nissan, who became the title sponsor.

The Nissan Z Performance Bundle for Rocket League was released on May 26 and was playable on all platforms until June 7 thanks to this partnership between San Diego-based video game developer Psyonix and Nissan.

ASOS Signed A Partnership Deal With FNATIC

In early 2022, the online clothing shop ASOS joined forces with FNATIC in an effort to raise the company’s profile among the eSports community. This deal marked ASOS’s first foray into the eSports and gaming industries, as the company introduced itself as the primary sponsor of FNATIC and had its logo placed on the front of one of the most prominent shirts in the industry.

FNATIC is one of the most lucrative eSports organizations in Europe, and it has a global social media following of over 33 million people.

Both ASOS and FNATIC wanted to highlight the connection between fashion and gaming, so they partnered to produce special collaborations and goods that would be included in the tournaments and seen by hundreds of millions of viewers across the world.

Lil Nas X Becomes “President” Of The League Of Legends

When Riot Games, makers of the video game League of Legends, revealed in 2022 that the rapper Lil Nas X would be taking on the role of “president” of the game, many were surprised.

In addition to a cool League champion skin and a magnificent live performance at Worlds, the adored musician also contributed explosive musical moments to the game’s promotion.

Final Thoughts

eSports are rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular types of competitions, and we can expect bigger and bigger brands to offer sponsorships in order to secure themselves a piece of the action. While some worry that this may lead to the sport itself becoming polluted by businesses that don’t understand the culture, for now at least, the increasing interest from all sides does nothing but good since it brings the young sport to a wider audience.


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